Friday, April 15, 2016

The drive to La Bocana

We originally planned to drive inland from Tortogas and catch Hwy 1 south and then cut over to the coast. However, we were told the more direct road that hugs the coast was passable. It is a dirt road, and in some places where it goes across a mud flat, it is hard to be sure where the road is as you can see from this photo I took looking out the front windshield.

sometimes it was hard to know where the road was
Charlie did a great job driving.

I noticed some metal cylinders showing up on the side of the road. Initially they were all black, but later they were white. Actually they seem to be associated with the power lines and not the road, but since the power lines followed the road much of the trip, I saw l lot of them. Below is a photo of one of the white ones. They all had the two handles midway up the side. I would love to find out what they are should anyone know.

Lots of these metal cylinders along the road, but what are they?

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  1. I learned that these cylinders have something to do with an underground water delivery system.