Monday, April 18, 2016

Back at the Baja Cactus in El Rosario

Yesterday afternoon we returned to El Rosario which is our final field site before returning home. As with Isla Natividad and La Bocana, a couple hours were spent training local divers how to open the miniDO2Ts, download the data, and then re-set them for re-deployment. The goal is to eventually turn over the operation to the locals, and they will just send the data back to Fio, Brock, and Charlie.

miniDO2T training session at COBI in El Rosario
Early this morning some of the local divers went out with our team to observe the deployment operation at two sites off Isla San Geronimo. Unfortunately I strained my left shoulder and decided I needed to sit out today's two dives. This is a major bummer.

If everything goes as planned, we should be checking out of the Baja Cactus Motel this afternoon and will probably spend tonight in Ensenada and face crossing the border on Tuesday morning.

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