Saturday, April 16, 2016

A hard night's work

The good news is that FIo and Arturo gave their presentation this morning. I am told they received lots of questions which is usually a good sign. After the talk they made it over to the mainland and are now driving the coast road to La Bocama that we drove yesterday.

I know I posted a photo earlier in this blog showing where we would be staying in La Bocama, but the cabins on the beach are so nice I have to share one if my own photos of the accommodations. 

Bocana Adventure cabins on the beach
After our drive down yesterday, we kept busy getting things prepared for our dives today. While Brock prepared the instruments for deployment, Charlie and I worked on the lines for for the sub-surface floats. Charlie worked on the one for the Zona Afectada dive site where the CTD will be deployed. This involves a half inch stainless.steel cable. I worked on the other two lines that were made from polypropylene rope. Charlie's showed me how to splice the rope and Brock show me how to tie an anchor knot to attach the float.

At 8:45 pm Brock reminded us that the kitchen at the restaurant closed at 9 pm, so we dropped everything and went to get dinner. I ordered fish, and it was delicious.

half eaten delicious fish dinner

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