Saturday, April 16, 2016

The challenges of Baja

Yesterday we were expecting Fio, Arturo, and Antonio to join us in La Bocana sometime between 5 and 6 pm. When it got to be 8 pm we decided not to wait to order our dinner, but we were also a bit concerned. The fact they had not phoned was not too surprising assuming they took the same route we had driven the day before. There was no cell phone service and only two small fishing villages along the route. Given we only passed a couple cars during the entire drive, my concern was they might have broken down and would be stuck in the middle of nowhere overnight. Shortly after we had ordered our food, they showed up. They had driven off the road and got stuck in the mud. You will have to ask Fio how this happened. It took them 2 hours of digging and putting various things under the tires before they were able to get back on the road. At one point Antonio was considering walking/jogging back the the nearest town which was a considerable distance.

Below is a selfie that Fio took after they had finished getting the truck out of the mud. If you could have seen them when they arrived at La Bocana you would know the photo does not really do justice to the amount of mud they had on them.

smiles of success after 2 hours digging the truck out of the mud

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