Thursday, April 14, 2016

Last day on Isla Natividad at least for some of us

Fio is still waiting to give her presentation to the Assembly. The date and time has become a moving target. Originally we were going to work in El Rosario first, but we changed our plans and headed directly to Isla Nativicad first in order to be there for the meeting, The plan was to attend the meeting and then make our dives, but we switched and did our dives first when the date got pushed back. Fio was then told it would happen on Wednesday, and if not then, on Thursday morning. It is now Thursday, we are not even sure if it is going to happen today. Since there is a chance it might get pushed back to Friday or even later, we decided that some of the team should head to La Bocana today and start getting things set up there. We are working with a team from COBI, so there are two vehicles which makes this possible. While less than ideal, this plan should work. Of course this is all predicated on the seas being calm enough for us to make the trip. The wind was really howling last night, and it is still blowing this morning although not quite so hard.

Below is a photo of the fish co-ops office on Natividad. This is where we go to get internet access.

COBI office on Isla Natividad

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