Monday, April 11, 2016

Afternoon training session and pre-dinner hike

The system Fio, Charlie, and Brock have designed for deploying miniDO2Ts is simple and inexpensive which has allowed Baja fishery groups to duplicate the operation at other locations. On Monday afternoon two locals came by to get a refresher on how to download the miniDO2T data and re-set the devices for re-deployment.

miniDO2T training session on Isla Natividad

We have been eating lunch sometime after 2 pm and dinner sometime after 8 pm, so there was time for a pre-dinner hike to the lighthouse. You can see the light house in the upper right corner of the first photo below that was taken from the COBI house where we are staying. 

view of lighthouse from COBI house where we were staying
Isla Natividad lighthouse

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