Sunday, April 10, 2016

Boat ride from Tortugas to Isla Natividad

We hooked up with our colleagues from COBI (Comunidad Biodiversidad, a Baja fish cooperative) and arrived in time to catch the last boat to Isla Natividad. Fio said this is the first time her team ever made it from Monterey out to the island in just two days.

Following the COBI team's truck on the dirt road to Tortugas.

an idea of what some of the dirt roads were like in Baja

I quickly changed to my dive booties since the boat launches from the beach and your feet are bound to get wet as you transfer the gear from the truck to the boat and from the boat to the truck at the other end. We managed to get all our bins, the COBI team's gear, and all 7 of us in the boat for the crossing. There was a bit of a swell, but overall it was a very smooth crossing.

Here is Fio before she decided to roll up her pant legs to prevent them from getting wet.

our panga "taxi" from the mainland to Isla Natividad

Charlie with his coffee mug that requires refilling constantly.

Charlie enjoying his coffee on our crossing to Isla Natividad

Fio, Joe, and Brock enjoying the smooth crossing to Isla Natividad

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