Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Harvesting algae is one of the lucrative businesses on Isla Natividad

One of the marine resources they "fish" for using hookah is the red alga Gelidium robustum.  After drying, it is sold and used to make agar.  Below is a series of photos showing some of the process.

Here are examples of some of the bags the divers use to collect the Gelidium.

nets used to collection algae

Here is a bag after it has been filled.

net filled with Gelidium robustum

The algae is then spread out on the ground to dry.  The sea gulls come through and pick out any invertebrate by-catch.

Gelidium robustum drying on the ground

This is that same patch of Gelidium after it has been drying in the sun for a day.

Gelidium robustum after one day in the sun

After a day the mat of dried algae is flipped to allow the other side to dry.

Gelidium robustum after being turned to dry the other side

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