Sunday, April 24, 2016

I forgot to report on our border crossing experience when returning to the US

I had heard stories about Charlie being pulled over for secondary inspection and having to unpack the truck and open every bin on his return a previous Baja trip. When we finally got to the border guard we handed over our passports. Fio included her green card since she has an Italian passport. I included my new Global Entry card with my passport and noticed the guard scanned the card rather than my passport. I would like to think my being a "known traveler" contributed to our getting waived through after asking what was in the truck. But when I asked Charlie how often he got sent to secondary inspection, it turns out it hasn't happened that often. The time he had to unpack everything was when he was crossing the border alone and thus might have appeared more suspicious being a lone traveler with so much gear. So the time it took us to cross the border was an hour and a half waiting in line and less than a minute with the border guard.

border crossing line that took an hour and a half 

lots of last minute shopping opportunities while waiting in line to cross the border

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