Saturday, April 9, 2016

Getting to the border

Fio, Charlie, and I met at Hopkins at 6 am this morning. I decided I better walk into Hopkins instead of having them pick me up at home because Pacific Grove's Good Old Days is this weekend and many of the roads around my home were already blocked off. It took about a half an hour to finish off the packing and to swing by Starbucks for Fio to get her caffeine fix and we were off. After picking up Brock at the San Diego airport we headed for the border. Before crossing we filled the truck with gas, changed our cash to pesos, and grabbed a quick bite for lunch. Below you see the truck loaded with all our gear as we return to the truck to head for the border.

Fio with our truck loaded with gear

The border crossing went as smoothly as could be expected. They took one look at the truck and directed us to the line where they run whole vehicles through an x-Ray machine. After the scan they lifted up a corner of the tarp to take a one second peek before waiving us through. I am glad they didn't want us to unpack everything which would have taken an hour to untie and open everything and then re-secure it all. Two to four vehicles are parked and then an arch moves over them to make the scan.

our truck in line to get x-rayed at the Mexico border

Because we were going so far south, our next step was to purchase visas.  While it took a while for the truck scan, there was no line for the visas.

We are now off to El Rosario.

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