Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Another pre-dinner walk

On Tuesday most of the group headed back to the lighthouse before dinner. Besides the walk itself, the goal was to get to a location with good cell phone reception. SInce I left my cell phone at home and had no need for cell phone reception, I decided to take off on my own and walk to the beach below the lighthouse. As I arrived on the beach I wasn't sure how long I would stay since the wind was strong and it was like being in a sand storm. As usual I was wearing shorts, and the sand was stinging my bare legs. I also didn't want to expose my camera lens to the sand projectiles. However, once I started walking down the beach where most of the sand was wet, it was quite pleasant. In addition to enjoying my search of the beach wrack for treasures, I contemplated how lucky I was to be at this remote location watching the sun set from a beach I had all to myself.

lighthouse on Isla Natividad
The most common thing on the beach was Sargassum muticum. I also spotted one small bit of Macrocystis. Finally I spotted a large batch of Sargassum horneri (thanks to Kathy Ann Miller for confirming the identification). This invasive species is all over Catalina Island and the other Channel Islands to the north, so it was nice to document its presence here on an island off the Baja peninsula.

Sargassum horneri on Isla Natividad beach

In addition I ran across two dead sea lions. 

dead sea lion on Isla Natividad beach

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